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Pets are family and deserve to be honored with a dignified burial. With Paws Rest® Pet Caskets, families have the ability to give their four legged family member the proper burial they deserve!

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With Paws Rest® pet caskets, you can have the peace of mind that you're giving your pet a proper and dignified burial. We believe that pets, as members of the family, should be laid to rest in a high quality casket designed to last.

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Premium Cherry

Paws Rest Premium Cherry caskets have a dark cherry gloss finish with a soft high quality velvet interior - perfect for an eternal rest for your pet!  from $249

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Premium Oak

Paws Rest Premium Oak caskets are handmade from only the finest materials. This beautiful casket comes with a soft velvet interior.           from $259

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Our Classic line of pet caskets come in either white or black with a blue, pink or silver satin interior. These beautiful caskets are made from high impact styrene with double sided sealing tape included!                         from $129

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Our Economy line of pet caskets are an affordable option to give your pet a proper burial! They are made from high impact styrene, come in either white or black, and include double sided sealing tape.                       from $79

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